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King’s Canyon

Today we went for a really fun and exciting walk around the rim of King’s Canyon, which is what I we were going to do on Sunday. We stuck our heads over the edge of the cliff at one point, which was really freaky! The canyon is an ancient sea bed. There were heaps of rock formations made by wind …Continue reading →


The Rock

We finally reached Uluru! WAHOOOOO!!! I took like a million pictures! We walked around Uluru, the path was flat all the way, nothing exciting except The Rock. That was in the morning, in the afternoon we did a short 30min walk through the Olgas. The Olgas walk was more fun and pretty than the Uluru walk. It was more fun …Continue reading →


Alice springs

Ok after Boulia we stopped and camped in a campsite that was a cow paddock. the toilet was a mile away! (Probably not that long but still!) We left the next day. (Thank God!) We are now camped in Alice springs. We went to see Adelaide House, Telegraph Station and a memorial lookout. I have picked John Flynn as my notable …Continue reading →


Winton and Boulia

Friday night I had a shower and guess who showed up? Mr Frog! Yep its definitely The Curse of the Frogs. Yesterday we stayed at Winton and looked at the Matilda exhibit. Banjo Paterson was the guy that wrote waltzing Matilda a very famous song. Before this we went to a place where they uncovered and preserve a number of …Continue reading →


Busy Days

I have a lot to talk about, I’ll just give you a brief. Ok, at night time on the Wednesday the third of April we went to see the bilbies and they were so cute! Then we went to the cosmos centre and looked at Jupiter and a few stars. The next day we packed up and travelled through Tambo, …Continue reading →


The Frog

Today we went to Roma and had a look around. When we were driving to Charleville we stopped for lunch at a tiny country town called Muckadilla. I went to the toilet (I know this might sound gross but) when I flushed it a huge tree frog slid from its hiding place under the toilet bowl lip. (If you don’t …Continue reading →


first stop

We went to Miles first and are staying on the outskirts in a caravan park. We went to see the bunkers and there was heaps of lime stone.


We are off!

We are actually off! I can’t believe it! Good bye everyone! Miss you! bye!


First Time

This is the first time on my blog hope you enjoy it!