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Lake Argyle

OK, before I tell about what I have done I am going to put some pics on about The Gibb.

El Questro, Brancos Lookout Wyndham, 5 River Lookout  Gibb-River-Road, Emma Gorge Gibb-River-Road, Charlie Horse Riding  My Horse was Called Moonshine. Gibb-River-Road, El Questro Horse Riding Gibb-River-Road, Charlie Saddle Up Gibb-River-Road, El Questro Explosion Gorge Gibb-River-Road, El Questro Ochre Falls Gibb-River-Road, El Questro Zebedee Springs Kimberly - Mitchell-Falls, Mitchell Falls Gibb-River-Road, Bell Gorge Falls
Gibb-River-Road, Tunnel Creek

OK, We were in Kununurra last post then we went to Lake Argyle. At Lake Argyle we got to swim in the infinity pool. It was called the infinity pool because when you look out you can see the lake behind it and it looks like it falls out onto the lake. We went for a sunset cruise on Sunday for mothers day and we got to swim off the boat. I even got to drive the boat! Now I can boast that I have swam in the same body of water as 34,000 crocs! Freshies of course. The next day we went for a walk in Keep River National Park. That was tiring! Now we are in Timber Creek NT. By the way for those who were wondering I was in WA up until now. So Lake Argyle was in WA. That’s it but here is some more pics on Lake Argyle and our walk.

Lake-Argyle, Swimming Keep-River-NP, Cockatoo Lagoon Lillies Keep-River-NP, Scene 6 Keep-River-NP, Scene 5 Keep-River-NP, Scene 4 Keep-River-NP, Lookout Keep-River-NP, Scene 1 Lake-Argyle, Sunset 2 Lake-Argyle, Swimming and Drinking Lake-Argyle, Sunset 1 Lake-Argyle, Crocodile Lake-Argyle, Scene 3 Lake-Argyle, Scene 2 Lake-Argyle, Charlie Infinity Pool

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