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The Gibb

We left Broome about a week ago and started the Gibb River Road. We had no internet so I haven’t been able to post for a while. How’s things back at school? Anyway the first place we stopped at on the Gibb was Windjana Gorge National Park. when we were there we did two walks. One was into the gorge but the other was into a dark cave where you had to wade up to your waist in water. I didn’t like that one much. Next stop we went to Manning Gorge. At Manning Gorge we had bacon and eggs. We did a really hot and looo0000ng walk into the Gorge. There was a waterfall there and I jumped off this ledge and swam under it and sat on a ledge to watch the water. When we got back to the car we got in and drove to a lookout on another gorge. (Gee, How many gorges are we going to see? A lot more then this I tell ya!) The next day we left. (Again.) We stayed to Drysdale River station. there we booked a tour to take a scenic flight over Mitchel falls and other places. That night we had diner at the Restaurant  there. We all had roast pork. (We is my family and I.) It was DELICIOUS!! Dad even used a slang word to describe it! The next day we went on the scenic flight. I fell asleep for half of it since I was feeling sick. Then when I woke up the plane was coming into land. When it was coming into land it got a bit bumpy and I threw up. The day after THAT we went to El Questro but we stopped for scones and jam at Ellenbrae. We stayed at El Questro for two days. The first day we just relaxed. The second day we went to the Zebedee Hot Springs in the morning, then we went for a walk into Amalia Gorge. After that we went horse riding which was awesome! we went horse riding to a lookout. The view was brilliant! The next day we packed up and left after a walk and now we are in Kununurra. We have stayed here two days and are leaving tomorrow to go to Lake Argyle. I will report back when we get to Katherine. Adios Amigos!


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