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Hey everyone! I saw the stairway to the moon, it looked AWESOME! That was on Sunday  Oh yeah, we also went to a museum on Broome history, it was interesting. Yesterday we went to the horizontal falls, it looked so cool! We had to wake up really early to get on the bus. We drove down to the point. there was a fish farm there. we looked at the fish while we waited for the plane. When we got off the SEA PLANE. (Yeah that’s right I got to go on a sea plane!) We went onto a speed boat and went down the falls! that was AWESOME! I was right at the front! We had grilled barramundi  for lunch. (Yum!) After lunch we went on a tour around the mangroves, mum went crazy about rocks. I got to be the co-pilot all the way back to Broome! Here is some pics!

The Moon



Broome,-WA-2013-04-24-093+lr-web Broome,-WA-2013-04-23-024

Horizontal falls

Horizontal-Falls,-WA-2013-04-29-366+lr-web Horizontal-Falls,-WA-2013-04-29-145+lr-web Horizontal-Falls,-WA-2013-04-29-227+lr-web

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