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Ok, we went to the movies in a cinema with no roof! Yep, watching movies under the stars is awesome. We watched OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL! Really good movie highly recommend it. The next day we drove around town doing stuff as we normally do. In the evening we rode on CAMELS yeah! That was awesome and I rode at the very front all by myself on my own camel! I rode on Paddy, mom and dad rode on Cloud. When mom’s camel was going down mom had her eye’s closed so she got freaked out! She doesn’t like camels. The next night we played at the beach while the Sun was going down, that was pretty cool! Well that’s it I guess.


:D Please leave a comment, thank you! :D

P.S. There was a green tree frog in the shower!


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7 Responses to “Camels!”

  • Elise says:

    how many frogs have u run into so far?

    P.S. camels are cool. I rode on 1 in Dubai. (I was on the front and Aidan was on the back)

  • Charlotte says:

    We miss you! I you reconize this please do reply!

    Flying camels
    Rubic cube
    The odger Olympics


    • Charlotte says:

      Hey are you Charlotte S? By the way are you playing the Odger Olympics with Mrs Odger?
      Tell me who you are, please.

  • Charlotte says:

    *if you*

  • Julie Lawton says:

    Frogs again Charlie??!! Well it sounds like you have had a lot more fun in Broome than “driving” – but the boring time is probably coming up again in the next day or two. Love hearing what you think xx

  • Alex says:

    Hi Charli,
    Can’t wait to tell Mr Russell about the frog!
    Which state are you in right now?