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Broome and pictures

After way stopped at Alice Springs we did a full day of driving. That was boring! We stopped in Daly Waters and stayed IN A CABIN!!!! Yep, that was awesome. The next day we did another full day of driving. We finally settled down Kununurra. The pool is AWESOME because it’s NOT COLD! In Kununurra I met a friend from school! Her name was Tayla and Jack Quine. She’s in grade 2 and he’s in grade 5. After we stayed in Kununurra we drove all the way to broom and arrived late. It is so humid! It’s worse than Brisbane! The pools nice and last night we watched the sun set over the sea. It was so beautiful! Today we are going do a lot of things but most will probably be boring. Well that’s the update on what’s happening.


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P.P.S. Here are some pictures.


Boulia,-Qld-2013-04-06-078 Boulia,-Qld-2013-04-06-053 Boulia,-Qld-2013-04-06-052 Boulia,-Qld-2013-04-06-011Boulia,-Qld-2013-04-06-081

Alice Springs

Boulia,-Qld-2013-04-06-105 Boulia,-Qld-2013-04-06-089 Alice-Springs,-NT-2013-04-11-171Alice-Springs,-NT-2013-04-10-075 Alice-Springs,-NT-2013-04-10-074 Alice-Springs,-NT-2013-04-10-035 Alice-Springs,-NT-2013-04-10-022

Daly Waters

Daly-Waters,-NT-2013-04-18-093 Daly-Waters,-NT-2013-04-18-001

Devils Marbles

Daly-Waters,-NT-2013-04-17-034 Daly-Waters,-NT-2013-04-17-022


Kununurra,-WA-2013-04-19-117 Kununurra,-WA-2013-04-19-095 Kununurra,-WA-2013-04-19-090 Daly-Waters,-NT-2013-04-18-102

The Border





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6 Responses to “Broome and pictures”

  • JudyG says:

    Great photos Charli! It is a bit freaky seeing the sun set over the sea when so used to seeing a sun rise! Amazing that you met a school friend so far from home. There will most likely be more fun bits than boring so enjoy!

  • Alex says:

    Hey Charli,
    Nice pics!Saw a snake on my my driveway today,Totally freaked me out…….
    In Kununurra,did you actually see people from POP?
    Keep in touch,

  • David says:

    I love to hear how you are going. Yep. Driving can be boring if you are the passenger… just have to hurry up and get that car license, Charlotte. Your dad will love you for it.

  • Charlotte says:

    Charlottes forever! We miss you. Gr8 pictures, the last one is the best. Hope you have a gr8 time.