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King’s Canyon

Today we went for a really fun and exciting walk around the rim of King’s Canyon, which is what I we were going to do on Sunday. We stuck our heads over the edge of the cliff at one point, which was really freaky! The canyon is an ancient sea bed. There were heaps of rock formations made by wind and water. Today we are doing a one nighter in Alice Springs. Before we went to Alice Springs we stopped at Hermannsburg. Hermannsburg was abandoned by its owners in 1891 and in 1894 the land was bought by the Immanuel congregation of South Australia. They continued a mission that the Hermannsburg Institute of Germany started. It continued for 88 years. Then in 1982 control of the mission lands was given back to the Aboriginals under the Aboriginals Right Act. Well that’s pretty much all the story and it’s really interesting isn’t it, all that happened.

Well that’s all for today, see you!

OH, yeah here are some pictures,

The Olgas

 Uluru, NT 2013-04-12 114


 Uluru, NT 2013-04-13 298

King’s Canyon

Kings Canyon, NT 2013-04-15 179


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