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The Rock

We finally reached Uluru! WAHOOOOO!!! I took like a million pictures! We walked around Uluru, the path was flat all the way, nothing exciting except The Rock. That was in the morning, in the afternoon we did a short 30min walk through the Olgas. The Olgas walk was more fun and pretty than the Uluru walk. It was more fun because it had hilly bits and you had to walk over the uneven rocky ground. Plus there were bridges and stairs. The Uluru walk was flat and not much to see other than birds and bush and of course the rock, that’s it. We are now at King’s Canyon. We haven’t seen the canyon yet but tomorrow we are going to do a circular walk around the rim of the canyon. Well there is nothing more to add except that the pool is like, minus 2 degrease.

(It always is!)

Hope to see your comments, bye!


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3 Responses to “The Rock”

  • Julie Lawton says:

    Wow – I’m looking forward to seeing some of those pictures. Hope you enjoyed the Canyon and took a heap more. xx

  • Alex says:

    How is the pool?
    I really miss you but it great to find out about what you are doing!(The blog is awesome!)Am I talking too much?
    Hope to hear more soon,