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Alice springs

Ok after Boulia we stopped and camped in a campsite that was a cow paddock. the toilet was a mile away! (Probably not that long but still!) We left the next day. (Thank God!) We are now camped in Alice springs. We went to see Adelaide House, Telegraph Station and a memorial lookout. I have picked John Flynn as my notable person for school. He’s the person that started the Royal Flying Doctors Service. (RFDS.) We went to the RFDS today as well and I got to look in one of their planes. We watched a movie about the RFDS and had a look through the museum. I also bought a doctor teddy bear. There were three choices , a doctor, a nurse or a pilot. Adelaide house was the first purpose built hospital. It was built by John Flynn. Oh yeah, we also want to the school of the air today as well. They teach children in the outback who are to far away to go to school. They used radios but now they use the internet to teach there students the curriculum of the state.

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