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Yay! We are home! Actally we got home on Monday but still… It’s good to be home. In my own bed, in my own house! So here is the story, after Cape York went back the way we ow.came all the way too Tully. Just before Tully we had a breakdown but we got it fixed the same day and went on our way. In two or three days we were heading for Rockhamton. On the way we went through Sarina to have some lunch. Next door to the bakery there was a pet shop. Too skip all the boring details, we got a PUPPY!!! It’s a boy and we named him Zac. So we got to Rockhamton and stayed there two nights. Then we started the last strech home. Here are the pictures that I said I will show.

Lava Tubes

Savannah-Way, Undara Lava Tube 1 Savannah-Way, Undara Lava Tube 2 Savannah-Way, Undara Lava Tube 3 Savannah-Way, Undara Lava Tube 1

Cape York

Cape-York,-Qld-2013-06-16-250+lr-web Cape-York,-Qld-2013-06-16-286+lr-web Cape-York,-Qld-2013-06-16-496+lr-web Cape-York,-Qld-2013-06-16-529+lr-web Cape-York, Loyalty Beach Setup East-Coast, Jardine River Ferry Crossing

East Coast

East-Coast, Bowen Flagstaff Lookout East-Coast, Bowen Town East-Coast, Big Mango Bowen East-Coast, Shute Harbour 2




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