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Nearly Home

After Kakadu we stayed one night in Katherine. We stoked up there then hit the road! We got to Daly Waters and stayed there one night. While we were there we had a BBQ dinner at their outback pub. The next day we packed up and continued our journey. We stopped for two nights at Borroloola, King Ash fisherman’s camp. On the second night there we had a small fire. That was fun! The next day we headed for Adel’s Grove. There we did some canoeing for a day. We stayed there two nights then went to the Lava Tubes. We also stayed there two nights. the first night we listened to a guy talk about his life around Australia. In the morning of the second day we went for a tour around the Lava Tubes. They looked neat! That night we had a sing-a-long around the fire. We left the next day. We got to cairns and got set up. There was a water park there and I spent Half the day in it. The next day we got a call from a friend of ours insisting that we join them on there trip to Cape York. So we Went along with them to Musgrave Roadhouse. After there we went to Bramwell Junction then twin falls. Now we are at Loyalty Beach. We have Just set up and are waiting for the others. Counting the kids with us including g me we have five, Two girls and three boys. The other girl is called Tully and she is three. The three boys are called Oliver, Ben and Kidan. Their ages are 11, 8 and 12. That’s all for now bye!

P.S. I will show some pictures next post.

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