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After we left Darwin on the 31st of May we went to Mary River National Park. There we did a lunch billabong cruise. I took the binoculars along and looked at a few birds and crocs. we went to have a look at a place where my Nana and Pa camped. We stayed there two days then came to Cooinda in Kakadu. After we had set up we went for a walk to the pool and had a swim. The next day we went for a walk to Majuk falls. Later that day we did two more walks to Nurlangie and Ubirr. At Ubirr we watched the sun set over the flood plains. In the morning of the third day we got up early and went for a sunrise cruise on the flood plains. We got to see and learn about the birds on the the flood plains. We even got to see some baby bird chicks! Today in the morning we went for a walk to Jim Jim falls. We had a swim at the bottom and the water was freezing! There were fish swimming round, not very big though. We had lunch there then started back to the car. Then the rest of the day was spent at the camp site. I hope you all enjoy knowing what I’m doing! I can’t wait to get home.

Here are some pictures.

Mary River

Mary-River-NP, Jabiru Mary-River-NP, Lotus 2 Mary-River-NP, Zoro bird Mary-River-NP, Croc 2 Mary-River-NP, Rainbow Bee-eater Mary-River-NP, Brolga Mary-River-NP, SXea Eagles


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