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Litchfield and Darwin

Last week we were in Litchfield. We went to Florence falls and had a swim. The Falls looked really amazing  After we went on the other walk to Buley Rock Holes. We went for another swim in the rock holes and some of the currents in some of them were really strong. The next day we went to Wangi falls.  We did a rain forest walk and went back to have a swim. I climbed up a rock face and jumped into the water from a ledge. That night it rained really heavy and the shade cloth was like a dam. I was literally standing in two inches of water! The next day we left when everything was dry. That didn’t take long.

I had another encounter with frogs. This time I was in the shower, I turned on the taps and started washing my hair. When I turned back to the taps there was a small frog sitting on the cold tap. I got a fright! I continued my shower and another frog appeared on the hot tap. I was trying to find out where they had came from when the one on the cold tap moved to the hot tap and a frog stuck out it’s head from underneath the cold tap. They lived in the taps and when I turned them on, they were disturbed and came out. What a frightful surprise in the shower!

We arrived in Darwin on Friday and set up camp. I could not wait until Sunday because we were moving to a cabin! Anyway we did nothing exciting up until we moved into the cabin. We went to the markets on Sunday night that was fun. Then pretty much we have been shopping and lazying around the cabin. It’s Tuesday today and Mum’s birthday is tomorrow so say happy birthday. I got her a card and a present at the markets.

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Here are some pics.


Litchfield-NP, Wangi Falls Litchfield-NP, Walker Creek Cascades Litchfield-NP, Walker Creek Rainforest Litchfield-NP, Cathederal Termite Mound Litchfield-NP, Tolmer Falls Litchfield-NP, Buley Rockpool Infinity Pool Litchfield-NP, Buley Rockpool Cooling off Litchfield-NP, Florence Falls Litchfield-NP, Florence Falls Swimming Katherine-Gorge, Blue-winged Kookaburra

Katherine Gorge

Katherine-Gorge, Lily Pond 3 Katherine-Gorge, Lily Pond 1 Katherine-Gorge, Gorge 7 Katherine-Gorge,  Gorge 6 Katherine-Gorge, Gorge 3 Katherine-Gorge, Gorge 2 Katherine-Gorge, Campground Wildlife Katherine-Gorge, Cutta Cutta Caves


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3 Responses to “Litchfield and Darwin”

  • Julie Lawton says:

    I get a giggle every time I hear about you and frogs!! Hope you enjoyed your time in the cabin. Back on the road again so I hear :)

  • Alex says:

    Hi Charli!,
    Ha Ha , love those frogs!
    Can’t wait till u get back.
    Oh, & Happy Birthday 2 ur Mum.

  • Elise says:

    i hear about a gecko! your mum said something about a gecko on face book and the frogs