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Katherine and her gorge.

On Thursday we arrived in Katherine. The weather was humid so it was really hot. We were beginning to set up camp when some girls came along and asked if I could come and play with them at the pool. The answer was yes, so I quickly grabbed my bathers and got changed and went to the pool with the girls. The girls names were Ila, Tily and Maya. They left the next day. We checked out the hot springs but didn’t get a chance to go in them. :(

On Friday we went to Katherine Gorge to book a site and a boat cruise. On Saturday we packed up and left for Katherine Gorge. We quickly set up camp and went for a swim. The next day we went on a boat cruise for half the day. We saw three of Katherine’s gorges and got to swim at a swimming hole called Lily Ponds. There was a waterfall and I got to go under it. It felt like I was in a thunder storm! Katherine Gorge’s Aboriginal name is Nitmiluk which means cicada. The rest of the day was spent at the pool. At the pool I met a girl called Abi and a boy called Lachie. They were really nice! Today we were going to do a walk but now we are having a rest day. I hope you enjoyed reading about what I have done.

Thanks for reading! :)


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3 Responses to “Katherine and her gorge.”

  • Janetr says:

    Yes Charlotte we are enjoying reading about your wonderful holiday. It makes us envious of all the beautiful places you have seen. Pa and I have seen some of those places.xx

  • Julie Lawton says:

    Its wonderful to hear what you have been doing. And I’m sure a rest day was well deserved! You have all been very busy. xx

  • Elizabeth says:

    Hey Charlotte!!!! I really miss you! Can’t wait till you come back!! :)

    Ps. Basketball is really fun :D