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Yay! We are home! Actally we got home on Monday but still… It’s good to be home. In my own bed, in my own house! So here is the story, after Cape York went back the way we ow.came all the way too Tully. Just before Tully we had a breakdown but we got it fixed the same day and …Continue reading →

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Nearly Home

After Kakadu we stayed one night in Katherine. We stoked up there then hit the road! We got to Daly Waters and stayed there one night. While we were there we had a BBQ dinner at their outback pub. The next day we packed up and continued our journey. We stopped for two nights at Borroloola, King Ash fisherman’s camp. …Continue reading →

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After we left Darwin on the 31st of May we went to Mary River National Park. There we did a lunch billabong cruise. I took the binoculars along and looked at a few birds and crocs. we went to have a look at a place where my Nana and Pa camped. We stayed there two days then came to Cooinda …Continue reading →

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Litchfield and Darwin

Last week we were in Litchfield. We went to Florence falls and had a swim. The Falls looked really amazing  After we went on the other walk to Buley Rock Holes. We went for another swim in the rock holes and some of the currents in some of them were really strong. The next day we went to Wangi falls.  We did a rain …Continue reading →

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Katherine and her gorge.

On Thursday we arrived in Katherine. The weather was humid so it was really hot. We were beginning to set up camp when some girls came along and asked if I could come and play with them at the pool. The answer was yes, so I quickly grabbed my bathers and got changed and went to the pool with the girls. The …Continue reading →

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Lake Argyle

OK, before I tell about what I have done I am going to put some pics on about The Gibb.      My Horse was Called Moonshine.  OK, We were in Kununurra last post then we went to Lake Argyle. At Lake Argyle we got to swim in the infinity pool. It was called the infinity pool because when you look …Continue reading →

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The Gibb

We left Broome about a week ago and started the Gibb River Road. We had no internet so I haven’t been able to post for a while. How’s things back at school? Anyway the first place we stopped at on the Gibb was Windjana Gorge National Park. when we were there we did two walks. One was into the gorge but …Continue reading →

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Hey everyone! I saw the stairway to the moon, it looked AWESOME! That was on Sunday  Oh yeah, we also went to a museum on Broome history, it was interesting. Yesterday we went to the horizontal falls, it looked so cool! We had to wake up really early to get on the bus. We drove down to the point. there was a fish farm there. we looked at …Continue reading →

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Ok, we went to the movies in a cinema with no roof! Yep, watching movies under the stars is awesome. We watched OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL! Really good movie highly recommend it. The next day we drove around town doing stuff as we normally do. In the evening we rode on CAMELS yeah! That was awesome and I rode …Continue reading →

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Broome and pictures

After way stopped at Alice Springs we did a full day of driving. That was boring! We stopped in Daly Waters and stayed IN A CABIN!!!! Yep, that was awesome. The next day we did another full day of driving. We finally settled down Kununurra. The pool is AWESOME because it’s NOT COLD! In Kununurra I met a friend from …Continue reading →

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